After college, I spent a year as the Americorps Volunteer Coordinator for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, conducting habitat rehabilitation for the Mule Deer Project.  I directed the planting of native shrubs on huge tracts of land that were beneficial to mule deer populations.  I also had many other duties managing projects that benefitted the wildlife of Idaho.

When I finished working in Idaho, I joined the United States Peace Corps and worked as a Forestry Extension Agent for the country of Zambia.  My main duties were to promote Conservation Farming and Agro-Forestry.  I worked with local farmers to improve their farming techniques to preserve their soil.  There were some elements of permaculture and using local vegetation to your advantage, along with a reduction in reliance on chemical fertilizers.  We also learned how to create improved fallows using beneficial trees that could restore the soil to farmable land.  I also taught tree production and had several tree nurseries with over 10,000 trees to be planted in the villages.  On top of my farming duties, I also worked in public health trying to reduce the spread of HIV and promoting clean water.

Upon returning from the Peace Corps, I moved to Burlington, VT and started working for Horsford in Charlotte, fine tuning my skills to the vegetation of Northern Vermont.  I worked as a grower and spent my time planting, pruning and maintaining the plants. While working at Horsfords I also started working as a private gardener.  This private gardening is what has grown into Better Trees and Gardens.

Now, as the proprietor of Better Trees and Gardens, it is my mission to bring the highest quality plant care and land maintenance to my customers.  With a broad base of knowledge and plenty of hands-on experience, I want to make Better Trees and Gardens your first choice for land care.

Thank you,

Jonathan Norwood

Owner of Better Trees and Gardens

Better Trees and Gardens

Owner Biography

Greetings from Jonathan Norwood, owner of Better Trees and Gardens.

At Better Trees and Gardens, we have over a decade of experience managing gardens and landscapes in a large variety of situations.

In high school, I worked as a member of a YCC crew during the summers maintaining property for the city of Middletown, CT.  It was our job during the summer to make sure the public buildings looked their best. Our duties included pruning, land clearing, maintenance, and the occasional building project.

In college, I worked for TruGreen as a tree and shrub technician.  I learned the trade of pest management in ornamental landscapes.  I was trained by an ASA Certified Master Arborist in pest identification and eradication.